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At City Law, our main concern is ensuring our clients are legally protected, no matter what life might throw at them. Unfortunately, we cannot always predict what is going to happen in the future, which is why it is so important to plan ahead. The two single most important things to think about as we get older are:

Making a Will

This allows your estate to be distributed as you wish when you die. If you die with a Will and any assets (usually over £5,000), then probate can take place to make sure your Will is administered correctly.


Make a lasting power of attorney (LPA)

You can appoint a relative, friend or professional to act on your behalf if you no longer have the capacity to make decisions. This is important financially, and for your personal welfare.

We can help you with Wills, probate and LPA – our specialist team are here to support you and help secure your future



Will: A legal document in which a person states who should receive his or her possessions after death


A Will is so important because:

It allows you divide your

estate how you want

It instructs people what

to do after your death

It avoids overpaying on

inheritance tax

The person who makes the Will is known as the testator, and they name an executor to take legal responsibility

for carrying out their instructions in the Will once they are deceased.



We guide our clients when making decisions on the terms of the Will. If you struggle with mobility, have health concerns, or simply feel more comfortable talking about such personal things in your own home, then we will happily come out to visit you.

Equally, if you are the executor of a Will and require legal help,We can assist. We are happy to advise on Will administration and probate.

For more information please call 0121 406 8043 or email info@citylaws.co.uk



Probate: the official proving of a Will.


Probate happens when:

They have an


A person dies and

leaves a Will

The court needs to verify the Will and split the estate amongst the beneficiaries

It allows a court to establish that the Will made before a person’s death is legal and valid, before granting approval.

There is usually no legal obligation to use the services of the firm that stored the Will for the deceased. Many solicitors will charge large sums of money to complete probate paperwork. We make a point of charging reasonable prices for our services and will ensure you fully understand all costs at the beginning of the process.